Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common queries about Hassantuk

About the Service

What is Hassantuk Fire Alarm Service & how does it work? What are the main elements of this service?

Hassantuk is a fire safety solution that monitors the homes within the UAE 24x7 for any fire related incident. The fire safety solution contains different types of sensors, which can detect smoke and heat. All the sensors are connected to the main alarm panel, which directly transmits the alarms in real time to Command & Control Center for verification. In the Command & Control Center the fire alarms are verified. In case the fire alarm is positive, it is immediately sent to relevant authorities within a maximum time of 120 seconds after receiving it, providing the authorities with situational intelligence and therefore making our cities safer. The main elements of the Fire Alarm Service are the following:

  • Alarm panel: the primary element, installed in each home, that connects and sends fire alarms to relevant authorities. The home users can also activate the alarms manually from the panel.
  • Sensors: Heat & Smoke sensors deployed in the different rooms of the home as per MoI guidelines. These sensors are connected with the alarm panel and detect any smoke or heat in the home, activating locally the alarm and sending it also to Command Center for verification.
  • Command & Control Center will receive in real time any fire alarm originated at any home and will apply the protocol to verify the alarm in a maximum time of 120 seconds. If the alarm is positive will be automatically transmitted to the relevant authorities. This Center will also receive any maintenance alarm and will act proactively solving it.
  • Portal: through which the customer can register and pay for the service, update home/contacts/location details, and receive notifications.
What does this service monitor?

The Fire alarm system detects heat & smoke by the different sensors installed in the homes. The alarm is activated locally through the sensors and an alarm notification is sent in real time to relevant authorities.

What type of premises does this service applies on?

The service applies to all homes and villas in the U.A.E

Do I need to install the service in all rooms & why?

Installation of the Fire alarm system is as per guidance from the Fire alarm code of UAE, which mandates the installation of the sensors according to the size of the rooms and homes.

How does this service work?

It works through a dedicated SIM card, which sends the alarm in real time to Command and Control Center on detection of smoke or fire.


What are the different Channels for registration? & who can register?

You can register through Hassantuk online portal for homes (http://hassantuk.moi.gov.ae), or by applying through our selected business centers. The service is available for all homes and villas owners within UAE.

What is the information & documents required for the registration of the service?

Required Documents: Emirates ID or Passport.

Required Information:

  • Home address
  • Contact information (Contact info of owner for billing purposes)
  • Emergency contact # of the people residing in the home
  • Home details ex.(How many floors, How many rooms? What type of rooms? etc)
At what stage I should register my house for this service?

The fire alarm solution is for life safety and protects your family and home, so you should apply for the service as soon as possible.

Can i apply for the service if I'm not the home owner

Service application and payment should be done by the home owner or the applicant should have the details of the home owner to be able to apply

Survey and Installation

What is the home survey process?

Once you have registered and paid for the service, you will be receiving a call from “Hassantuk” team to book a Survey & Installation appointment. During the survey process, the technician will be visiting the home to check the following information:

  • Customer Details [Name, Contact Number]
  • Plot/Villa Number & Makani Number
  • Number of floors & Rooms Exact GPS coordinates for the home
  • Type of room & quantity of smoke and heat detectors required as per UAE fire code
  • Availability of power for the alarm panel

If the requirements are fulfilled the technician will be proceeding with the installation of the service. If the surveyor identified any deficiencies / snags the homeowner is responsible to rectify it within 5 days from the date of survey.

Do I have to be in house during the survey visit? Do I have to show any verification documents & sign any documents?

Either the owner or a nominated person must be at the house to provide access and help with the survey of the house. Authorized person also has to sign on the final quote provided as per the survey conducted by our technician.

What is the warranty period for the devices installed?

The warranty period for the devices is 5 years.

Will there be a reference # assigned to the order?

Yes, each order will have its own unique reference number

How to follow up my order?

Once you register, our team will be contacting you to schedule an appointment to survey your home and install the service. Any further notification will be sent to you through SMS and will appear on your home page in the portal. For further assistance, you can call us on 80022220

How to confirm the clearance of any pending Items such as, power socket for Alarm panel?

If customer initially registered through the Hassantuk portal then customer can update the clearance of pending “Power socket for Alarm panel” by logging into the portal or call 80022220 for assistance.

Can I reschedule my appointment for Survey/Installation?

You can reschedule the appointment; however, this must be done 24 hours prior to your confirmed appointment for installation.

What are the requirements in terms of power & connectivity from my side to prepare the home for a successful service installation?

Service requires access to Power near the entrance of the home. As a homeowner, you are responsible to provide access to the power socket where alarm panel will be installed.

Cost & Payment

How much does this service cost?
  • A quotation will be developed during the registration process depending on the size and home and details.
  • The quotation will include the fire alarm panel and sensors required as per the information provided during the registration and may get updated during the survey.

The quotation also includes Monitoring and Maintenance charges. Further details on pricing can be found at the following link: https://home.moi.gov.ae/moi/pricing

What additional fees or charges will I need to pay?

If there is additional cost identified during the survey visit, you will be charged the additional devices required as per the new quotation given after the survey.

How to pay for the service?

You can pay through 2 different channels:

  • In Business Center: You can pay the full amount by cash or bankcard.
  • At the online portal: You can pay either full by bankcard or in installments by selected bank credit cards.
How to view my bills?

You can view the amount you paid and the remaining balance through the portal; however, if needed, you can call 80022220 to view the detailed bill.

Is the VAT applicable for this service?


Support & Maintenance

How long is the service warranty?

The devices installed comes with 5 years warranty.

What are the conditions that are covered or not covered in the warranty? In short, warranty details.

This warranty does not cover damage due to external causes, including accident, abuse, problems with electrical power, improper application and misuse, installation by parties not approved by Ministry of Interior, alterations, improper storage, or the effects of normal wear and tear.

How long does it take the alarm system to notify you about the possibility of a fire in my house?

Once the alarm goes off, we are notified immediately.

How long it would take you to alert me about the fire?

As soon as smoke is detected by the sensors, they will start sounding immediately alerting the resident of the house. An alarm is also sent immediately to our Signal Receiving Center and we will be contacting you immediately to confirm the validity of the alarm.

How Can I Avoid Setting False Alarms?

The alarm’s sensor is designed to be triggered by any excessive smoke or heat for your own safety. It would be better to avoid any activity that would release heavy smoke in the house, however if any false alarm was triggered, you can silence the alarm panel your-self.

How frequently does the alarm system requires maintenance?

Alarms are monitored 24x7, we will only visit for maintenance if any maintenance alarm is triggered by the fire alarm system. You can call us on 80022220 if you notice any issues with the service.

If the power goes out, would the service still be work?

Yes, the alarm panel installed has a backup battery. This backup battery will last up to 24 hours, which is dependent on the usage of the alarm during those 24 hours. In case the fire alarm panel is disconnected, we will receive a maintenance alarm and Command & Control Center will contact you proactively.

Customer roles & responsibilities

  • Apply for the service and provide the required documentation upon registration (Emirates ID or Passport)
  • Pay the amount due for service upon registration
  • Pay monitoring fees annually after the first 2 years of the service
  • Do not tamper or remove the alarm devices once installed
  • Provide accurate information in terms of home details and contacts
  • Clear any outstanding items identified during the survey visit

Law Issuance

How to check the eligibility for a free service?

You can reach out to the local authorities such as Ministry of Community Development or housing program to check if you qualify for a free service.

What are the current categories eligible for free service?

People with low income who receives benefits from Ministry of Community Development and people with villas under Sharjah housing program, meanwhile different entities are initiating different sponsorship programs.

What privileges are offered to people with determination?

You can reach out to Ministry of Community Development to asses this category

Existing villa owners’ questions:

If I already have an existing fire alarm system which is not Hassantuk, what action should I take? How long do I have until the law gets enforced on existing villas?

The law conditions that the system installed has to be directly linked to civil defense, Hassantuk is currently the only system directly linked to Civil defense authorities to proactively act upon the alert.

New villa owners’ questions:

What is the measurement to be taken if I’m not financially capable of funding an alarm system for my new villa?

You can either reach out to governmental entities and check withier you are eligible for a sponsorship from their side, otherwise we offer easy payment plans with Credit Card issuers across the country to pay for the service in installments.

Bukhoor Feature

Where can I find the Bukhoor mode button?

You can find it on the main page of your ATE panel, under the panic button, which has the Bukhoor logo.

What happens when I activate the Bukhoor mode?

Once the Bukhoor mode is activated, our signal receiving centre will be notified that your home is under Bukhoor mode and smoke detected will not trigger an alarm to Civil Defense.

My system does not have the Bukhoor feature update. What should I do?

Please contact us on 80022220 to verify the issue. In case you have an old system, you will need to upgrade your system, in order to have the feature.

How long can I silence the alarm during the Bukhoor mode?

The system offers the option to silence the system from 5 to 15 minutes max for your protection.

What time is the Bukhoor feature available?

The Bukhoor mode works from 5:00am to 12:00am only, to avoid any risk while the family is sleeping.

For ‘Disable the zone’ option, what it is the difference between ‘Disable all zones’ or a specific zone.

‘Disable all zones’ will result in silencing all detectors across the villa, while ‘disable a specific zone’ will result in only disabling sensors on that specific zone/floor.

I have activated the feature, however the sensor in the room is beeping, why is that?

To ensure your safety from the extensive Bukhoor smoke, the sensor in the Bukhoor burning area might beep to alert you about the extensive smoke. However, it will go silent in a matter of seconds and the alert will not be forwarded to the Civil Defense command centre. This is to ensure your safety and compliance to MoI regulations.

What do I do in case a fire breaks out when the Bukhoor mode is activated?

Note that by activating the feature, you will be bearing the full responsibility to report any fire incident occurring while it’s activated. If you are close to the panel, please press X to cancel the Bukhoor mode and press the panic button; if you are away, please call the emergency number 997 immediately.